Goodby Breaks New Milk Spots

California Board Returns To Initial Strategy
SAN FRANCISCO–Goodby, Silverstein & Partners this week unveils two new 30-second TV spots for the California Milk Processor Board that wrap with the client’s longstanding “Got milk?” tagline. The effort is backed by an estimated $10-20 million in ad spending.
The San Francisco agency recently dropped its “Town Without Milk” campaign at the request of the Berkeley, Calif.-based client [Adweek, July 27], and the new ads mark a return to Goodby’s original creative strategy for the client, using unusual scenarios to position milk as genuine and inimitable. The spots are airing in California.
One spot features an old woman who runs out of milk for her throng of cats. Giving them nondairy creamer instead, she says, “Just like milk! You won’t know the difference.” Not fooled, the cats turn on her. One locks the door, while another closes the blinds. A third cuts the power, and the spot ends with the tagline.
In the second ad, a man is seen wandering through a hall of mirrors eating doughnuts. Dancing with a stuffed orangutan, he loses track of his milk carton in the maze of reflections. Suddenly desperate to wash down his food, he bumbles around, crashing into one mirror after another. –Jane Irene Kelly