Goodby Asks, ‘Got Leche?’

As it enters its ninth year, the now-famous “Got Milk?” campaign for the first time will include a Spanish-language ad, set to run on ABC, CBS and NBC beginning Jan 14.

The 30-second spot is designed to reach Spanish-speaking teenagers who frequently watch English-language television. It comes amid reports that milk consumption is declining among teens, according to the client, the California Milk Pro cessor Board.

Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco—which launched the “Got Milk?” effort in 1993—the spot evokes a mythical figure from Mexican folklore known as “La Llorona,” or “The Weeping Woman.” The ghostlike figure is seen wandering through a Mex ican family’s house. When she finds a carton of milk in the refrigerator, she says “leche,” the Spanish word for milk. When she discovers the carton is empty, she sobs. The tagline “Got Milk” then appears in English text.

“We have found that the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign has 98 per cent awareness among teens, but we are also seeing an erosion in teen milk consumption.” said Jeff Manning, the board’s executive director. “Teens can be a tough audience, but we thought this bicultural approach would work well.”

Manning noted that the spot will air nationally as part of the California board’s arrangement with dairy boards nationwide. While the California group will spend about $25 million this year on advertising, the combined national effort is expected to reach $180 million, he said.

Although the board has used Spanish-language ads in the past, the new spot is the first “Got Milk?” Spanish ad.

The client uses the Santa Monica, Calif.-based shop Anita Santiago Advertising for other Spanish-language ads, but turned to Goodby for the latest work. Goodby then recruited Latino students from the Art Cen ter of Design in Pasa dena, Calif., who helped create the La Llorona spot.