Gone To Seed

A grinning “Seedman” and his apple seed friends are making their TV debut in a new campaign from The California Apple Commission touting the sunshine-blessed apples of the Golden State.
The animated spot (shown here), created by Janzen Advertising in Fresno, Calif., opens with a shot of a red apple, dripping wet in a rainstorm. A bluesy song comments: “Rainy days sure can give an apple seed the blues,” and a voiceover says, “Take it from an apple seed: more sun, better apple.”
Fed up with the rain, Seedman and his buddies don tiny rain slickers and leave the apple in search of a sunny place. Reaching a golden beach, Seedman exclaims, “Hey fellas, I see the light!” They run down the beach toward a bright green apple. Once inside, disco lights glow and the music flows. As the seeds party down, the voiceover wraps the spot with the tagline: “In the California sun, the flavor comes to light.”
–Jane Irene Kelly