Gone Cruising, Leave A Message

There’s not a lot we haven’t seen in a press release, but one showed up recently with a new twist. The dateline read: “Somewhere in the Bahamas.”
The mysterious location was due to the fact that the bosses of Atlanta’s Donino, White & Partners celebrated the agency’s “best year ever” by closing down to take the entire staff on a three-day cruise.
“This trip was really a reward for those who’ve worked so hard to make this a great year,” exlained DW&P’s Frank Donino, from poolside, no doubt.
One starry-eyed employee’s first day with the shop was the day he set sail with his new co-workers, which may have given him a slightly skewed view of agency life.
How much the staffers relaxed was not known, considering that their down-time choices included visits to Nassau, Paradise Island and Great Stirrup Bay, plus midnight buffets and dancing ’til dawn.
Indeed, the agency minions might need a vacation to recover from their vacation.
And there’s no truth to the rumor that DW&P is changing its name to “Margaritaville.”
– Jim Osterman