Going Ape

The games are afoot for GoGorilla Media.

The New York-based guerrilla-marketing agency broke its first campaign for Nescafé Frothé coffee drinks at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, using a variety of media to target a younger generation of coffee drinkers.

The campaign includes about 10,000 “wet samplings” of the product (a line of foamy instant coffeehouse beverages), and maps of hot local bars and restaurants, as well as coasters, napkins and postcards.

The samplings and maps are being handed out at the games by “GoModels”—local talent recruited for the effort. The coasters, which are being distributed in bars and restaurants, show a cup of the coffee, with the line, “Let the foamy games begin.” Napkins feature the copy, “Don’t waste a drop of the flavor.” The shop is also projecting images of Nescafé flavors on buildings, among other venues.

The effort—set to run through the games’ end—seeks to tout the beverage as a brand “that is cool and … current,” said Joe Bonadio, senior account manager at Go Gorilla, a unit of GoCard. The Olympics, he added, can also generate visibil ity for the brand. “It’s kind of like the center of the world,” he said.