Godzilla Lends Citron A Giant Helping Hand To Launch Sony’s New, Lightweight Notebook PC

Citron Haligman Bedecarrƒ will launch Sony’s thin new notebook computer this month with help from Godzilla, the megasized star of Sony Pictures’ would-be summer blockbuster.
The estimated $6-10 million TV, video, print and outdoor campaign, breaking June 15, is the agency’s first work for the San Jose, Calif.-based Sony Information Technologies unit since landing the assignment without a review earlier this year.
Ramping up to a July 24 product launch, some of Citron’s ads juxtapose the movie monster with the diminutive Vaio 505G laptop personal computer, which weighs less than three pounds, is less than an inch thick and is expected to retail for about $2,000.
“Sony had a movie with the slogan ‘Size does matter’ and a technology product that is distinguished by its small, thin size,” said Tom Bedecarrƒ, chairman of the San Francisco shop. “It seemed like a great opportunity.”
Created with help of marketing consultant Satjiv Chahil, former marketing chief at Apple Computer, Citron’s campaign includes the first-ever TV spots for Sony’s computer division. The new ads also mark a stylistic departure from the unit’s previous efforts, from Winkler Advertising in San Francisco. Those ads, for Sony’s desktop PCs, featured futuristic scenes of young people finding Sony products in a wasteland of outdated equipment.
Aimed at busy professionals, the new ads are not all linked to Godzilla, according to agency officials. At least one of the TV spots will feature a “non-Godzilla,” business-oriented message, and print ads running in business publications will focus on business’ road warriors.
Outdoor boards, breaking in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, feature the monster’s massive foot next to the tiny computer.
The ads will later appear in in-flight magazines and videos on United, Northwest and Continental Airlines. The in-flight videos feature a compilation of movie trailers that contrast the notebook’s size and performance with the power of Godzilla.