Godfrey Q States Chip Maker’s Facts

DALLAS Freescale Semiconductor will introduce its first international branding campaign on Oct. 3 with a goal of 400 million impressions through print, outdoor and in-airport media, the company said.

Ads will appear in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, EE Times, EDN, Electronic Design, Financial Times and Nikkei, as well as the online partners of those publications. Out-of-home ads also will appear in and near airports, the company said.

“This worldwide campaign is all about increasing awareness of Freescale among business and technology decision makers,” said Tim Doke, Freescale’s director of corporate communications. “We want Freescale to be top of mind with customers, prospects, media and analysts and to showcase our heritage of innovation and our vitality as a company.”

Godfrey Q and partners, a San Francisco agency that specializes in the technology sector, created the campaign. The tone and attitude of the advertising is factual and is designed to convey information about Freescale’s leadership position in the semiconductor industry.

The ads highlight the number of company-owned patents (4,900), the company’s $1 billion annual budget for research and development, and the fact that Freescale embedded processors are everywhere: in cars, computer networks, smart phones, consumer electronics, industrial machines and home appliances. About 16 billion Freescale processors are currently in use around the world, roughly three processors for every person on the planet, the company said.

“In an effort to boost awareness, consideration and, ultimately, selection of Freescale among their key customer segments, we developed a campaign that highlights their leadership position within the embedded semiconductor products market,” said Patrick Godfrey, co-founder of godfrey Q and partners. “This global brand campaign spotlights Freescale’s position as one of the largest and most relevant U.S. and global semiconductor brands.”

Campaign spending is undisclosed.

Freescale Semiconductor of Austin, Texas, has design, R&D, manufacturing or sales operations in more than 30 countries.