The Goddess Of Scotch

Who says only Johnnie Walker and Mr. Jenkins can sell spirits?
Raise your glass to Danu, the face behind a new brand of Scotch whisky, Chivas De Danu.
According to legend, Danu was a Celtic goddess who led the Scots in a battle against the Romans 2,500 years ago.
Today, her goal is much simpler: reach a market of educated young adults with a taste for a lighter scotch.
The print campaign, created by TBWA Chiat/Day, New York, consists of five ads, billboards and bus panels, said Eric McClellan, executive creative director. The work broke last week in Boston.
The centerpiece of each ad is the face of a woman with shiny lips and a green glow that matches the color of the bottle pictured over her head. “On your knees, Johnnie Walker,” reads one ad (shown here). “Mr. Jenkins, I am not amused,” says another.
–Andrew McMains