Go Figure

$2 trillion

Total credit-card debt that Americans were carrying in September, according to the Federal Reserve. And credit-card companies are eager to see that figure balloon even more—so much so that they’re now extending offers of credit to pets. “At first it’s funny. Then you get a little nervous about it,” Maryland resident Marilyn Hecox told The Capital newspaper of Annapolis this month after her 4-year-old black domestic short-hair cat, Samson, received an offer in the mail for the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. “Only a select group of people will ever carry the Rewards Plus Gold Card. It instantly identifies you as someone special—one who has earned a superior degree of financial freedom,” the letter reads. “It really goes on about how great a credit record he could have. How could they say that?” Hecox says. “Mistakes happen,” said an AmEx rep.


Population of the town formerly known as Clark, Texas, which has officially changed its name to Dish in exchange for 10 years of free DISH satellite TV service for every resident. “We joke that in 10 years everyone will come out and say wow when they see the light,” one resident, Michelle Going, told the AP. The town’s mayor, Bill Merritt, said the move was popular. “I’m sure there are some people who are attached to the name,” he said. “Like the man who founded the town and named it after himself.”