Go Figure


Amount spent per person in the U.K. on Christmas presents, according to recent data. That kind of rampant consumerism has upset Darren Cullen, a 22-year-old student at Scotland’s Glasgow School of Art, who has put up a billboard stating unequivocally that Santa Claus does not exist and is merely a tool of consumerism. The 20-by-10-foot board, part of an art project Cullen is doing, contains slogans like, “Stop lying to your children about Santa Claus” and “Santa gives more to rich kids than poor kids.” “The project is about how children are trained to become consumers from a very early age and how both Santa Claus and advertising play a part in that,” Cullen says.


Bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale in the last batch to be brewed in Newcastle, England. The city’s Tyne Brewery, formed in 1890, is merging with Federation Breweries, and operations are being shipped across the Tyne River to Dunston. Many of the 3,000 bottles are going to brewery employees and will become collectors’ items. “It is sad,” said the brewery’s managing director. “It is the end of an era for Tyne Brewery. … There will be a closing ceremony for the team. Everyone who is working there now will have the opportunity to enjoy that ceremony as a way to say goodbye to the site.”