Go Figure


Stores in New York City that were found in December to be selling “Chronic Candy,” a lollipop that tastes like marijuana. The city moved to ban the candy, but now the fight has shifted to Florida, where consumers are starting to notice the product in their stores. “It’s not good at all, it’s sweet,” said one. “It tastes like crap.” There are no illegal substances involved, but parents are furious nonetheless. “I’m thinking middle school kids [would be] really intrigued with this. ‘It’s just candy, Mom, how can it hurt me?’ ” said Jody Scott of the Center for Drug Free Living. The candy is being marketed under the line, “Every lick is like taking a hit.” “Every lick is like taking a hit, that’s nice. And then of course, the packaging is called ‘nickel bag.’ I mean, that’s uncalled for,” said one parent.


Tolerance policy adopted by a major U.K. company regarding personal packages delivered to work. “Incoming parcels are screened in an X-ray chamber before being delivered to the colleague it is addressed to,” reads a memo obtained by The Inquirer. “The screening has exposed some astonishing contents. Among the non-business items received recently have been small trees and plants, TV and hi-fi equipment, bicycles, electrical items and even a vibrating sex toy. More worryingly, group security has had to intercept packages containing replica guns and knives (not the culinary ones).”