Go Figure

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Years that Winston cigarettes spent as the title sponsor of Nascar’s championship series before stepping down last year. Now Nicorette, the smoking-cessation product, has signed on as a sponsor. Nicorette thinks many Nascar fans would like help quitting. “We understand that tobacco products created this arena—but the game has changed,” says an exec at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, maker of Nicorette gum, NicoDerm patches and Commit lozenges. “This is a great audience for us.”


Years ago that Kmart introduced the “blue-light special.” The well-known promotional device eventually lost its luster as it was seen as a way of getting rid of unwanted merchandise and damaged goods, and it was ditched in 1991. On Jan. 15 and 16 of this year, though, it returned briefly at most Kmart stores. “We have no long-term plans to use it,” a Kmart rep said last week. “We may occasionally use it. We know there’s some recognition [of the phrase] among our customers.”


Marijuana seeds that a Dutch magazine is including with each copy of its latest issue, which advocates legalizing marijuana and other banned substances. The editor of Nieuwe Revu said the seeds were “OK” in quality. “We had an expert test them, and he said they were a four out of five,” he said.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.