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Liters of wine that the average Frenchman puts away in a given year. That’s still the most of any nation, but it’s actually about half the consumption level of 1961, which may explain why France’s upper house of parliament last week unanimously approved a measure that eases a 1991 law that restricted wine ads to dry, factual information like the name, manufacturer, alcohol content and origin. That law was originally passed due to worries about alcohol abuse, and the French politicians insist that the new measure is intended to get people to drink better wine, not more. “Making comparisons to nice cars or beautiful women is not allowed, that much is clear,” one vintner said of the changes. “It is possible to say that the wine has a scent of honeysuckle or a taste of cacao, so it’s fairly limited.”


Cost to fly one’s pet round-trip to a domestic destination on Midwest Airlines. But now the carrier is holding a fun new promotion: For every three domestic round-trip flights your pet takes, it gets one free. “While in the past their owners have been racking up miles on free trips, all the pets have been getting is a pat on the head,” Midwest CEO Tim Hoeksema said last week. “We decided that it was high time to throw a bone to our frequent customers —and their best friends.” The airline is promoting its new mileage plan at pet shows.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.