Go Figure


Packs of gum of that the Wrigley Co. is donating to U.S. soldiers overseas this holiday season—which everyone is pleased about, of course. But there’s a huge stink about another group gift—Chicago radio host Mike North’s Smokes for Soldiers drive. Last Thursday alone, listeners donated 5,031 packs of cigarettes for troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. “When that cargo door opens, they’ll be ecstatic,” North said. But the American Lung Association is fuming, saying there are better ways to say thank you to soldiers “than by sending them a product that, when taken as directed, will kill them.” North, who was once a soldier himself, shot back, “The last thing on a soldier’s mind is catching lung cancer.”


Number of people likely to be canned from Australia’s TXU after a Melbourne man who had chosen a rival energy utility received a letter from TXU that began, “Dear Paranoid Fool.” The man told the press: “I can assure you that I did not give my name as ‘Paranoid Fool.’ So I am at a loss as to why they would address a letter to Paranoid Fool, especially considering the damage that could do if it was sent to a person suffering from a mental disorder.” The company has launched an internal investigation to find the guilty party and take “the strongest action possible.”