Go Figure


Days left for McDonald’s employees to send Playboy a head shot, a full-body shot (bikini-clad or nude) and a few sentences about themselves to be considered for the magazine’s “Women of McDonald’s” online pictorial. Having done similar pictorials featuring the women of Enron, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Home Depot, Playboy wants women who are willing “to serve a little shake with their fries,” according to Playboy.com. “We’re going after companies with an enormous brand name where there is also a likelihood of finding the ‘girl next door’ who has the potential to become a model,” says a Playboy.com rep. “With these pictorials, we’re also picking the unexpected companies, because it adds fun and drama. When you go to Home Depot or Wal-Mart to shop, you don’t think of their employees appearing in Playboy. That zigzag mentality works very well.” The McDonald’s women will have to supply a recent pay stub to show they indeed work at the fast-food chain.


Races that Paula Radcliffe, the record-breaking British long-distance runner, failed to complete at the Athens Olympics. Now, she has lost out on an advertising deal with Quaker to promote its porridge. The tagline was to be, “Helps you go the distance.” Quaker denies she was dropped because of her failure. Rather, the company says, the slogan was not approved, on the grounds that the claim was misleading.