Go Figure


Days until the U.K. welcomes The Advert Channel, pegged as the world’s first station to show nothing but ads. “We asked what was wrong with British TV, and the answer that came back was that it wasn’t very good,” says the channel’s founder, Chelsey Baker. “Adverts, on the other hand, draw us to our past and inform the present. Start a conversation about them and the chat will go on all evening as people unveil their favorites.” Baker says the channel may challenge viewers with a “do it better than the professionals” show. “The bottom line is that, joking apart, millions of viewers do prefer ads to the programs,” she says. “They have attracted the biggest directors, such as Ridley Scott and Alan Parker. I decided it was time that Britain’s TV addicts got more of what they love. But we promise to have some programs running between the ads, in case viewers want to make a cup of tea.”


Median percent raise that the companies on the S&P 500 gave their CEOs in 2003, according to a study by The Corporate Library. All sorts of factors drove the hikes: awards of stock options and restricted stock, as well as increases in base salary, bonuses and long-term incentive payouts. A statement from The Corporate Library notes dryly, “This double-digit rise in pay shows that calls for pay restraint appear to be being ignored.”