Go Figure

Approximate cost of a full-page ad in The Guardian. BMW used the space last Thursday to play an April Fools’ joke on readers, touting a new “SHEF technology” that enables drivers to cook dinner in their oven at home from behind the wheel. The ad touted features including an “oven-cam” on the dash and directed readers to www.anewwaytocook.co.uk, where they learned they had been duped.

Radio stations in Tennessee that aired a PSA from the Tennessee Department of Health before it was pulled after complaints that it played to stereotypes about African Americans. The ad, aimed at curbing heart disease and diabetes, encouraged people to “try baking your chicken, eating a fresh tossed salad on the side and scrumptious watermelon for dessert.” Some called the complaints unwarranted. “There’s nothing wrong with eating watermelon,” said one listener. “The Lord made these foods for us. If the whole country was eating watermelon … we’d be a whole lot better off.”

Position of Donny Deutsch (“Steven Seagal meets Charlotte Beers”) on the list of the “50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers,” published in last week’s New York Press. Although, really, how much sting does an attack like this have, given that the item refers to Deutsch as the “chief of David Deutsch Associates”?

Mae Anderson, Gregory Solman, Lisa van der Pool
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