Go Figure


Readers of political gossip blog Wonkette who, at the urging of its editor, Ana Marie Cox, sabotaged a poster-generating tool on the Bush-Cheney ’04 Web site in order to mock the Republican presidential ticket. Users could enter slogans that would then appear on full-size campaign posters in PDF format. Before the campaign had a chance to disable the tool, pranksters had created posters with the Bush-Cheney logo under lines such as, “Run for your lives,” “They sure smell like old people” and “A boot stomping on a human face forever.” A Bush rep said, “Their action says a lot about people who are 100 percent committed to using profane and vulgar language in place of substantive dialogue on the important issues facing America today.”


Car number of Nascar driver Derrike Cope. Cope is sponsored by a company called RedneckJunk.com, whose URL is plastered all over his yellow Dodge. A week ago, Nascar ordered the logos removed. Through a rep, Nascar said, “We just didn’t feel like that projected the proper image of our sport.” The company, which sells used sporting goods and auto parts, is now changing its name to Rjunk.com. “We had developed a business concept that was designed to cut through the clutter and have some fun with a tongue-in-cheek stereotype, but it’s now clear that what we originally conceived is not acceptable to Nascar,” the site’s founder, Tom Connelly, said.