Go Figure


Average temperature (in Fahrenheit) in July in Manchester, England, to go along with 3.5 inches of rain. Compare that with Madrid (average high of 90, almost no rain), and you have the backdrop for a humorous new ad from Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam for Vodafone in the U.K. In the spot, soccer star David Beckham, who left Manchester United this year to join Real Madrid, uses his phone to send pictures of sunny skies to ex-teammates Phil and Gary Neville, who are shivering in the rain back in Manchester. But Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is said to be furious. “The boss thinks the city has been made to look bad and the two Nevilles should have known better,” one source tells News of the World.


Amount raised at press time by Arnold in Boston through a holiday fund drive for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay. Staffers who donate could see loot coming their way—they are entered into a daily contest for prizes such as iPods, Foot Joy golf shoes, Red Sox tickets and more. The grand prize is a Celebrity cruise for two (donated by Celebrity, an Arnold client). The give-and-take theme is evident in the posters up at the agency: One reads, “You’re a little bit Gandhi and a little bit Anna Nicole.”