Go Figure


Years that Andrew Puzder, president and CEO of CKE Restaurants, spent on the board of governors at California’s Thomas Aquinas College. But he resigned last week under pressure from the school, which was not pleased that Hugh Hefner is appearing in ads for Carl’s Jr., owned by CKE. “Thomas Aquinas College stands for principles that are in direct conflict with those of Hefner and Playboy,” the college’s president, Thomas Dillon, explained in a statement.


Age of Ben Kay, the rugby player who almost lost the World Cup for England after dropping the ball close to the try-line in the closing moments of the final last month. England secured the win in overtime, however, and Kay was spared the embarrassment of English soccer goats such as Stuart Pierce and Gareth Southgate, who missed penalty kicks at crucial moments through the years and had to settle for poking fun at themselves in commercials for a few extra bucks. “After I’d dropped it, I was thinking Pizza Hut would be on the phone and I’d be doing adverts for the rest of my life,” Kay said after the game.


Percent of Swedes interviewed by pollsters NFO Infratest who said they trust Ikea a lot or quite a lot. That is compared with the 47 percent who trust the Swedish parliament a lot or quite a lot.