Go Figure


Amount paid by a Miami Dolphins fan to place a full-page ad in the Miami Herald on Oct. 24 calling for the ouster of coach Dave Wannstedt and the benching of quarterback Jay Fiedler. The fan, Mike Price, 34, who has built a $10 million fortune through Web and real estate ventures, blasted Wannstedt for being too cautious and Fiedler for having a weak arm. “So who am I to pass judgment on this team?” he wrote. “Maybe I’m just a bozo who never made it. Or maybe I’m a high school dropout who had every bit of talent to go pro in more than one sport but found that girls and drugs were more fun between the ages of 17 & 19 and blew my chance at a sports career. … Well, things aren’t so bad now. … I dropped a pretty penny on this ad because I have something to say.”


Days that the National Do Not Call Registry has been in effect. For those who have yet to sign up, a former telemarketer in San Francisco has this advice: Instead of being rude to telemarketers, make them laugh. Saying things like, “I just finished stuffing my mother-in-law into a trash bag and am way behind schedule,” is much better than lashing out, suggests Ray Paul Sodini, who has a Web site, HowToMonkey WithTelemarketers.com. “Sometimes you can get the telemarketer laughing so hard, he misses the chance to make two or three other calls,” he says.