Go Figure


Months free that the Holiday Inn Oceanside Pompano Beach in Florida is offering a certain Chicago Cubs fan who may want to get away for a while. “[It’s] the least we could do for the fan that saved our season,” says the resort’s president. He’s referring, of course, to Steve Bartman, the 26-year-old who possibly cost the Cubs the National League pennant by deflecting a foul ball away from a Cubs outfielder in Game 6 of the NL Championship Series last week. Included in the offer are free airfare, steak dinners and martinis. In other news, Leo Burnett’s Brad Zibung, founder of Cubs fan club Right Field Sucks [Shoptalk, Oct. 13], posted to his home page a photo of a man being kicked in the privates and this brief message: “We’ll be back in a few days. Talk to you then.”


Hours that 25 job seekers will spend inside the Big Brother house in Hertfordshire, England—where the U.K.’s version of the reality show is filmed—as they compete for a job at Grey Advertising in London. They will carry out a series of tasks designed to test their creativity and ability to work together. The contest, which is set for December, will not be filmed for broadcast, but the house—full of hidden cameras and two-way mirrors—will allow Grey execs to spy on the recruits. “It helps you discover if one of the group is not a team player or is really irritating,” says a Grey rep.