Go Figure


Years since a Californian named Bill Evans sued Toyota Motor Sales USA to block a commercial in which a weary businessman comes home from work, sees kids at play in his front yard, takes off his jacket and dives headfirst onto a lawn water slide. Evans had been paralyzed in 1991 in an accident on a Slip N’ Slide and won a judgment the same year against Kransco, then Slip N’ Slide’s maker. It should come as no surprise, then, that Wham-O, the current maker of the Slip N’ Slide, is going on the offensive against Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, a movie in which David Spade injures himself in various ways on a lawn water slide. Wham-O wants the film out of theaters as long as it contains that scene.


Percent of Tasmanian devils that have died off in some areas of Australia due to a cancer-causing virus. Now Warner Bros., which created the Looney Toons character Taz Devil in the 1940s, is offering funding to tackle the problem. Says a Warner rep: “This concerns us on two levels—firstly as human beings [concerned] about any endangered species, and secondly it is our beloved Taz.”