Go Figure


Attendees at last month’s “Festival in the Pit” in Battle Mountain, Nev., a three-day event sponsored by Old Spice and organized in response to an article in the Washington Post that labeled Battle Mountain “the armpit of America.” A highlight of the event was the beauty contest, in which several children, one dog and a number of men stripped off their shirts and showed off their underarms. Overall pit appearance” was a key judging criterion.


Canadians who recently changed their surnames from Goodyear to Dunlop at the urging of Dunlop Tires—and split $25,000 for doing so. “We all have bills to pay,” says Jackson Dunlop, formerly Jackson Goodyear. “I saw the invitation, and I thought about it. I thought, ‘Even if there were 25 people willing to change their names, I’d still get $1,000. $1,000 would be fine with me.’ ” Dunlop’s 22-year-old son “thought it was amusing, but all his friends thought I was nuts that I was willing to change my name at the drop of a hat.”


Coupons for free beer that a privately owned bookstore in Lincoln, Neb., expected to hand out to University of Nebraska students as an incentive to shop in its store. That was before the school, which has been sponsoring an anti-binge-drinking program for five years, heard about the scheme.