Go Figure


Years that Hormel’s Spam lunchmeat has been on the market. Hormel is now asserting its trademark rights, filing a complaint against Spam Arrest, a Seattle tech firm that provides junk-e-mail-blocking software. Hormel says the public might think the company endorses Spam Arrest’s products. Spam Arrest officials scoffed at Hormel’s challenge.


Calls received by a RotoRooter dispatcher in Valencia, Calif., from parents whose children had flushed their fish down the toilet, inspired by the movie Finding Nemo. In the film, the title character is told the toilet drain leads to the ocean—and freedom. “I hear kids crying in the background,” the RotoRooter dispatcher says. “But there’s nothing we can do. They’re gone.”


Times in two days that a Minnesota man called back the company that been hounding him with telemarketing calls. “I’m following the law and asking them to be taken off the list, and they ignore me and then, on top of it, start swearing at me,” he says. “I said, ‘Enough is enough. I’m going after you guys now.’ “