Go Figure

36 – Years since Maine’s Poland Spring, the inspiration for the bottled water, stopped flowing, according to a class-action lawsuit charging Nestlé with false advertising. One of Poland Spring’s sources is not “deep in the woods of Maine,” as ads suggest, but in a parking lot next to a well-traveled road, says the complaint, filed in Connecticut last week. “This is nothing more than a bottled-water bait and switch,” says a plaintiff attorney.

12 – Years Rick Bronson had been driving a Coke truck before being fired this month for allegedly drinking a Pepsi (in violation of a company rule barring “slander” of Coke’s products). “Coke is really grasping at straws on this one,” says a rep for the Teamsters, who are fighting to get Bronson his job back.

110 – School buses in Putnam County, Fla., whose interiors may soon feature advertising under a plan devised by entrepreneur David Hill. Many are livid about the development, but Hill says he knows where to draw the line. “If Trojan condoms came to me and wanted to advertise on the bus, and the bus is doing three pickups, including elementary, I won’t do it,” he says. “For a high school, I might do it.”