Go Figure

84 – Countries in which e-mail-filtering firm MessageLabs has intercepted the Fizzer worm, a computer virus whose subject lines include the relatively benign-sounding, “Watchin’ the game, havin’ a Bud.”

1,200 – Miles between J. Walter Thompson New York and J. Walter Thompson Minneapolis. Yet they share a problem: absent-minded toilet flushers. From this sprang the poster shown here, which hangs above toilets in both offices. “The world is pretty messed up these days. The least we can do is flush,” says Young Seo, the New York art director who created the poster.

$75,000 – Amount Old Spice plans to spend on “Old Spice’s Festival in the Pit” this August in Battle Mountain, Nev., dubbed the armpit of America in a recent Washington Post Magazine story. Events will include an armpit beauty pageant and a “sweat T-shirt contest.” The town, chosen because of its “lack of character and charm,” “pathetic assemblage of ghastly buildings and nasty people” and location in “harsh and uninviting wilderness,” has also put up a billboard outside of town. It reads, “Make Battle Mountain your next pit stop.”