Go Figure

15 million: Number of tax returns prepared last year with desktop copies of Intuit’s TurboTax software, according to the IRS. Trouble is, Intuit sold only 5.5 million copies of the program. Intuit is now using new technology to tie each copy of TurboTax to a single computer.

131: Number of words and phrases on McDonald’s Web site that are trademarked by the chain or its affiliates. They range from menu items like the “McNifica” burger (sold in Mexico) and the “McKroken” (beef ragout with a crispy layer, sold in Holland) to charity and contest phrases like “Black history makers of tomorrow” and “When the U.S. wins, you win.” The list does not include scores of other trademarked words and phrases not on the site.

30: Number of new Buicks that a Michigan man named John Gathergood has bought from the same dealership since 1939. The 82-year-old just paid $42,000 for his 30th Buick. He says he’s remained loyal because he’s had good luck with the cars. “The main thing is the service I get on it,” he explains. “And the work done on the vehicle speaks for itself.”