Go Figure

4: Position of Interpublic Group on Fortune’s list of most admired advertising and marketing companies for 2002, trailing Omnicom Group, TMP Worldwide and Grey Global Group. Considering IPG’s stock price fell 53 percent between Jan. 1 ($29.90) and Dec. 31 ($14.08) and the $181.3 million accounting imbalance it reported last year is the subject of a formal SEC investigation, one has to wonder what it would take to get booted off the list.

16: Number of hours that Dell dude Ben Curtis spent in the Big House after his pot arrest, according to the sob story/acting manifesto he delivered to the New York Sun last week. (Make that ex-Dell dude: The Sun reports that his contract, valued at $500,000, has been canceled.) Here’s the Dude on how he and his cellmates were treated: “We were given really stale bread and a piece of cheese. We couldn’t even eat because I was killing cockroaches every five minutes with my shoe.” On his experience with Dell: “All the best takes we did were never shown. I felt hindered as a performer.” On the future: “I always saw myself playing a soldier from the South that had serious problems from childhood or something. It’s fun to play really messed-up people.”