Go Figure

7 feet 7 Height of Manute Bol, who signed on to play (or maybe just sign autographs and help the marketing campaign) for the Indianapolis Ice, a team in the Central Hockey League. The ex-NBA player and winner earlier this year over William “The Refrigerator” Perry on Fox’s Celebrity Boxing will tower over his Ice teammates (the average player in the NHL is 6 feet 1, and the guys in the CHL aren’t much shorter). Bol is expected to use his paycheck—and there may be only one—to continue to help refugees in his native Sudan.

3 feet 7 Height of Eddie Gaedel, a midget who had one at-bat for baseball’s St. Louis Browns in 1951 as part of a marketing gimmick. He walked on four pitches.

8 feet 0 Height of a special congratulatory condom that greeted Bill Gates when he arrived in Hyderabad, India, a high-tech hub where Microsoft recently opened a software-development office. The presentation was meant to thank Gates for his generosity in funding AIDS awareness.

Sources: AP, Reuters