Go Figure

16 Number of years since Val “Iceman” Kilmer flew Northrop Grumman’s F-14 fighter jets in Top Gun. Kilmer—who may be feeling the need, the need for cash—is now doing radio ads for the company. “A troubled sky. Dark, churning clouds. Will they bring sanctuary to the enemy? Not anymore,” he says, touting NG’s advanced weapons radar systems. That’s right, Iceman. They are dangerous.

5,428 Average attendance last year for the American Hockey League’s Houston Aeros. About that number, then, should be on hand Nov. 14 for the team’s “Guaranteed Fight Night” promotion. “We know how much fans enjoy a good brawl,” says the team’s Web site, “so we are going to guarantee a fight. If there is not a single 5-minute fighting major [penalty] given to a player, every fan in attendance will receive a free ticket to the following home game.”

0 Seconds that should elapse before you head to www.fandango.net/switched.mov and check out a spoof of Apple’s “Switchers” campaign. Go there. Now. Thank you.

Source: AP, www.falcons-hockey.com