Go Figure

9 Number of people out of 10 who “get a kick out of” the name Bad Ass Coffee Co., according to Nelson Frey, owner of the com pany’s new Manassas, Va., store. The name is a reference to the wild donkeys of Hawaii who carried the Kona coffee industry on their backs in the 1900s. But Shannon Nelson, standing outside the Manassas store, which is near a Toys R Us and a Christian Family Stores, wasn’t happy: “My son said, ‘Isn’t that a swear word?’ I said, ‘It sure is.’ ”

50 Number of dogs who participated in a study in Northern Ireland that determined that Britney Spears’ music has the same effect on pooches as silence. Classical music was found to relax them. Metallica makes them antsy.

3 Number of nonprofits that recently declined a cash donation from a Hooters restaurant in Janes ville, Wis. Said the leader of SpotLight on Kids, a children’s theater group: “How could I possibly look [kids] in the eye and try to teach them integrity, positive body image and self-confidence and then accept money from an organization like Hooters?”

Sources: AP, NewScientist.com