Go Figure

83 Number of cruisers the Omaha (Neb.) Police Department would like to replace, possibly with the help of Government Acquisitions, a Charlotte, N.C., firm that gets companies to pay for cop cars in exchange for having their ads painted on them. “We’d have to be discreet, I suppose,” said a retired Omaha cop, who sounds like he should join Chief Wiggum’s force on The Simpsons. “I personally wouldn’t mind driving the Hooters car.”

750,000 Number of PETA members (i.e., all of them) who would have words with shopkeepers in the Russian town of Penza who apparently lure stray dogs with “cutlets or sausages” and paint store logos on them. The media plan isn’t reliable—rival shops tend to catch each other’s dogs and repaint them, all of which is legal.

2,000 Number of Graham Bailey bobblehead dolls given away in a promotion this month by minor-league baseball team the Camden (N.J.) Riversharks. Bailey was the team’s marketing and sales intern this summer.

Source: Omaha World-Herald, Orange.co.uk, Philadelphia Business Journal