Go Figure

6 Number of boob-related puns and innuendoes in a release Interbrand sent out last week concerning Hooters’ bid for bankrupt Vanguard Airlines. “Can the Hooters brand get bigger?” the e-mail wonders, before offering gratuitous references to going bust, stretching a brand and staying abreast of the airline industry. “Brand enhancement,” a skill noted in the Interbrand bio, did not count toward the total.

28 Australian chart position of “Get Your Juices Flowing” by Starburst. But the band doesn’t actually exist, and the song is a Starburst jingle from D’Arcy Australia. The annoyed president of a national dietitian’s group calls the whole thing “manipulative and misleading.”

22,527 Number of lifetime passes to McDonald’s (defined here as one average meal a day for 75 years) whose total value would equal Donald Trump’s estimated personal fortune ($3.7 billion). Trump reportedly received one such pass (plus a load of cash) for shooting a new McDonald’s ad.

Source: News.com.au