Go Figure

No. 263 Episode of The Simpsons that inspired the new Triple A baseball team in Albuquerque, N.M., to call itself the Isotopes. In the episode, which first aired in March 2001, Homer Simpson stops his favorite team, the Springfield Isotopes, from moving to Albuquerque. Officials at the newly formed Isotopes plan to ask Fox if they can use Homer in their ads. “I’d like to know how much money we make off it,” said Simpsons head writer and executive producer Al Jean. “I hope we also get a Duff beer concession for the new team. And I hope they play better than Homer does.”

12, 9 Ages of Daryll Gould Jr. and Osbourne Payne, grade schoolers in Washington, D.C., who recently recorded a one-minute radio spot reassuring other kids that it’s OK to get help for troubled feelings during the 9/11 anniversary. “I want to do this every week,” Gould said of recording the ad, which is part of an outreach effort known as Project DC.

37 Number of eBay bids received by pro bowler Kim Adler to buy eight square inches of ad space on her skirts and shorts. Pacific Pools of Latham, N.Y., won with a bid of $14,389.

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