Go Directly To Jail

What more of Tulsa, Okla., do visiting Russian businessmen studying advertising need to see than some agencies, a television station and the local Addy awards? Try the Tulsa City Jail.
Okay, it’s not advertising related, but the lockup is among a laundry list of destinations that a group of 11 Russian entrepreneurs has been visiting during a three-week visit to Eastern Oklahoma. The Gilcrease Museum and computer retailer Comp USA are other scheduled stops.
Those will come next month at the tail end of the tour, set up by the Rotary Club of Tulsa, which brought the Russian business leaders here last week through a U.S. Information Agency program to study American industries.
One of the first stops for the delegation last Tuesday was Littlefield Marketing & Advertising, to get a run-down on the structure and fundamentals of an advertising agency.
It was undetermined at press time whether interpreters would be able to adequately define “dayparts” or “raise the bar” during the group’s stay.
–Glen Fest