Warner Bros. action-thriller Demolition Man, set in the year 2,032, is backed by an estimated $15 million in media from Taco Bell and General Motors, which both get product exposure throughout the film, opening Friday.
Demolition Man star Sylvester Stallone eats at a fancy rendition of the futuristic fast-food joint, the only survivor of franchise wars, and steers GM’s concept cars on wild car-chase scenes.
GM is launching an estimated $5 million print and publicity campaign targeting a younger consumer with its visions of the future. The 16 concept cars, worth $69 million, cross all six divisions with such names as Stingray III and HX-3 electric van.
As a nostalgic touch, Stallone drives a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 in a chase scene. The movie has an Oldsmobile showroom set, depicting GM’s ‘dealership of the future,’ dressed up with Ultralite concept cars and displays.
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