Glug, Glug

If you thirst for knowledge about Americans’ summertime beverage preferences, a survey by ORC International will help. The chart here gives the preferences of adults in general when asked to choose from the seven options listed. Breaking the results down by age, the research firm found 18-34-year-olds more likely than 35-and-overs to pick bottled water (37 percent vs. 29 percent). Iced tea was less popular with young adults (17 percent) than with older ones (31 percent), and it fared even worse in a separate poll of teens, where just 12 percent chose it. Does this beverage strike young folks as being too old-fashioned? One might guess the same of lemonade, but it scored a bit better among teens (14 percent) than among adults. Like adults, teens put bottled water atop their list (33 percent). Compared to their elders, though, teens were more likely to favor sports drinks (18 percent). Soda came in third (18 percent), but was more popular with 12-14-year-olds (22 percent) than with older teenagers (12 percent).