Minneapolis-based 3M, with its myriad products and divisions, is looking to launch a major, globa" data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "yes" data-auth = "" >

GLOBAL BRANDING — CME-KHBB, BSB Dorland, Dentsu In Play for 3M Image Campaign By Beth Heitzman with Kevin McCormac

Minneapolis-based 3M, with its myriad products and divisions, is looking to launch a major, globa

Sources said last week that 3M’s three agencies with corporate assignments, CME-KHBB/Minneapolis in the United States; BSB Dorland Ltd./England in Europe; and Dentsu/Japan in Asia are pitching a global image campaign over the next couple of weeks. Total billings are unknown and difficult to estimate, sources said, because of the way 3M has handled global ad campaigns in the past, however 3M is expected to spend upwards of $50 million worldwide in 1993. A decision on who will lead the effort is expected by the end of April.
Executives at 3M could not be reached as of press time.
The plum assignment would be crucial for CME-KHBB which has been promoting its new European network to clients and believes it could deliver one voice in at least two-thirds of 3M’s target areas – the U.S. and Europe. But, sources said BSB/Dorland and Dentsu are formidable competitors and have been waiting for an opportunity to win a bigger role on the account.
Don Linehan, 3M corporate communications director, has been charged with building 3M brand equity worldwide sources said, and has given it top priority. Lenihan and 3M marketing communications manager Bruce Moorhouse, spent last week selling the brand building strategy internally.
‘3M is known for its very diverse, very independent, very separate divisions,’ said one source. ‘Because so many agencies work on communicating what 3M is about, the company has come to be known as many things, but consumers are hard pressed to come up with a solid image of the company and 3M is intent upon changing that.’
Meanwhile, within its divisions in the U.S., 3M has started reallocating marketing and public relations responsibilities causing speculation among its eight Minneapolis-area agencies that advertising accounts may shift and new pr accounts may surface within the divisions. Changes, however are not expected for several weeks.
In addition to CME-KHBB, which also handles protective chemical products, other Minneapolis shops on the 3M roster include Bozell, Charmichael Lynch, Colle & McVoy, Kamstra Communications, Sietsema/K&H, Kerker & Associates, Martin/Williams and Miller Meester.
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