Giving Crudup the Credit

McCann-Erickson’s spots for the MasterCard campaign, now going on its second year, are truly priceless. They are well written, good-looking, and there is that voiceover! Who is behind the mellifluous mutterings?
He is none other than Billy Crudup, the up-and-coming hunk of Sleepers and The Hi-Lo Country fame, who has signed a new two-year contract as MasterCard spokesman, said his agent, Scott Linder. “Billy is a great actor,” said Hollywood casting director Danny Goldman. “His voice is nice, it’s not intrusive; you don’t suddenly say, ‘Oh, is that Sylvester Stallone?’ “
The marble-mouthed Stallone, said Goldman, voiced Pontiac ads for a while. But do folks know that less-recognizable stars like Crudup are the pipes behind certain brands?
“Sometimes audiences do notice it,” said Goldman. “They noticed that David Duchovny was doing Sprint for a while. But the question is, what does a celebrity voice do for the product? It’s great for the actors. They don’t have to look pretty and they make a fortune. Half of them wouldn’t dare appear in a regular ad on camera.” –Richard Linnet