give those crocs a hand

This may be a shoot folks will never forget. Four staffers from Thomas & Perkins head to Australia later this month to shoot Pentax’s new TV spots, which star Steve Irwin, host of the Animal Planet series The Crocodile Hunter.
Irwin is known for his encounters with critters, and will handle crocodiles and snakes on the set.
Carol Williams, the executive broadcast producer at the Denver shop, says she is not afraid of reptiles, but may keep her distance on the set. “That part doesn’t scare [me] as much as working in a different country,” she says.
Irwin’s show is relished by associate creative directors Martha Peck and Suzette McKinnon, who conceived the idea of using Irwin. “Steve is the perfect spokesperson for our cameras,” says Flip Dalfonso, director of marketing for camera maker Pentax. “He is the kind of person who really gets into the action.”
Two TV spots are slated to break Nov. 22. Consumer magazine ads are slated to break in October. –Angela Dawson