Give, Already

Santa Monica, Calif. agency Fraser/Young takes a unique approach to not-for-profit advertising in its first work for client United Way of Greater Los Angeles. In order to wake up a city that has become inured to calls for help from charitable organizations, the agency developed a message with attitude to address a city with plenty of the same.
The campaign, starting this month on billboards, buses and radio across the city, is heavy on California stereotypes and inside jokes. The simple, copy-only ads feature lines like, “You’re an actor. Act like you care.” Another says, “You’re a writer. How about writing a check.” And, “One non-fat double latte could buy a toddler milk for a month.” All of the ads feature United Way’s toll-free phone number.
“All of the emotional campaigns in the past haven’t worked,” explained Fraser/Young president Renee White Fraser. “We saw speaking to the lifestyle of L.A. as a way to get inside people’s minds.” Los Angeles ranks 48th out of the top 50 U.S. cities in terms of charitable giving.
-Kathy Tyrer