Girls And Their Looks

If teenage boys believe teenage girls wear makeup mainly to impress them, they’ve got another think coming. According to a YM survey of readers age13-19, a plurality of the girls (42 percent) wear makeup chiefly “to cover flaws.” Thirteen percent said it’s “to make myself feel pretty,” 3 percent “to experiment and look unique” and 2 percent “because my friends do.” More flattering to the lads, 35 percent of the girls said they wear makeup “to make myself look more attractive,” and 5 percent “to impress guys.” As you can see from the chart, few girls deny fretting about their looks. Among those stressed out about their bodies, excessive weight is the main reason (cited by 55 percent of this cohort). Other factors include “the size of my chest” (16 percent) and a sense they’re not fit enough (13 percent). Among those who feel they’ve got “problem facial features,” noses (cited by 34 percent) cause more woe than cheeks (21 percent), teeth (16 percent), eyes (10 percent) or lips/mouth (7 percent). Amid all this anxiety, it’s reassuring to find just 9 percent of the girls saying they would consider plastic surgery, though another 25 percent said they’re “not sure.” Elsewhere in the survey, 23 percent said they’ve dyed their hair “many times,” 18 percent have done it “a few times” and 17 percent have tried it once; 42 percent have left their hair in peace.