girl power

The Boy Scouts might be concerned about maintaining their wholesome image, but the Girl Scouts … well, the Girl Scouts want to raise a little hell.

A new TV campaign airing in California and Nevada shows girls of all ages, races and sizes rock climbing, surfing and practicing martial arts to a rock rendition of an old scout song.

Created by Amazon Advertising, San Francisco, the spots are meant to look like MTV rock videos. Sports scenes are interspersed with shots of the tattooed female rock band Little Red Rockets—with nary a cookie or campfire in sight.

“Girl Scouts believe in including every girl,” said Jane Johnson, communi cations director of the Western regional scout group. “We celebrate their diversity.”

The group thought recent national ads from Girl Scout headquarters “were not really as hip as we are,” said Johnson.

“This client thought they had a problem because people saw them as being too nice,” added agency president Millie Olson. “That’s when I knew we would make a great team.”

The spots are intended to attract donations from corporations and successful former scouts and to bring new girls into the fold.