Gillette Sharpens Global Effort for Venus Razor

Gillette is preparing to break a $150 million global push for its Venus shaving system for women with 30- and 15-second TV spots due in April from lead agency BBDO.

The Boston-based personal grooming company says the campaign represents its largest-ever marketing expenditure for a women’s product.

“It’s not your typical Gillette [advertising]” with a heavy focus on product shots, said Michele Szynal, a company spokeswoman. Rather, the effort from New York’s BBDO strives to make an emotional connection with women through a combination of bouncy music, beach scenery and the aspirational slogan, “Reveal the goddess in you.”

Spots employ Bananarama’s ’80s hit remake of the dance tune “Venus” and feature a veritable army of smooth-skinned, bathing suited women.

Ads are slated to break April 2 in the U.S. and April 9 in Europe, though the campaign will be previewed during the E! network’s Academy Awards special on March 29. Print ads as well as in-store executions and mobile marketing efforts are also planned.

Spots will air during such prime time shows as Ally McBeal, Once and Again and Will & Grace. The print component will run in Vogue, InStyle, Shape, Cosmopolitan and elsewhere.

The Venus launch will also be supported by a summer “Venus in Motion” mobile marketing tour.

The triple-blade Venus razor retails for $7-8.