Resolutions abound in the new year, and ad agency Gillespie is no exception, kicking off 2001 with some unique ways to raise awareness of the shop’s changes.

Staffers at the Princeton, N.J., shop returned to work last week to find copies of Sting’s Brand New Day CD on their desks, along with cookies and balloons.

During the next few months, theme days will promote Gillespie’s moves to create a “Personalized Brand Experience”—a blend of traditional ad disciplines with interactive under one roof, said Dick Gillespie, shop founder and president.

Planned events include a “Formal Friday,” at which staffers will come to work in formal attire as Cole Porter music plays. There’s also a “Winter Barbecue” in store, a “High Tea Day” and “Dinner for Breakfast” (with steak and potatoes replacing the usual bacon and eggs).

“Lunch and Learn” sessions will also be held for the creative and account management departments to share input and learn about interactive.

“We want to make certain this is a fun and enjoyable experience,” said Gillespie.