Gilbert Does Its Homework

Retains $5 Mil. Account Of Florida College
ATLANTA–Gilbert & Manjura Marketing (G&M) is going back to school, having survived a mandatory review and retained the account of Seminole Community College in Sanford, Fla.
Billings on the assignment are $5 million over a five-year period.
Longwood, Fla.-based G&M said it prevailed over two other area agencies–the Orlando office of Greenstone Roberts, which recently ceased operations, and Marketing Development Group, also in Orlando.
On the heels of its decision, the 30,000-student college has released a new campaign from G&M. Using a “Be yourself. Only better.” theme, it targets young people making decisions about their future.
“We did a series of focus groups with high school seniors, and we came away with a better sense of how to attract those kids,” said agency partner and chief executive officer Ed Gilbert.
The mandated nature of the pitch made incumbency a nonfactor. “You can’t take anything for granted,” Gilbert said. “Someone could come in and upstage you. We went into this with every media venue covered. We had done a full spec campaign for every medium we knew we would recommend.”
Client officials have approved a media mix that includes radio, outdoor, newspaper and in-theater motion picture advertising.