Giant Puts Kicks in Dems’ Donkey

Giant Studios has reanimated the Democratic donkey for the wired world.
The Atlanta computer animation and visual effects studio has updated the party’s four-legged symbol as Swifty, a battling political icon in red boxing gloves and a T-shirt that pledges: “Fighting for you.”
The computer-generated image will be seen kicking up his heels at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.
Swifty is designed for distribution across multiple media platforms ranging from broadcast to the Web. He will appear on the large-screen video displays at the Staples Center as well as individual computer monitors around the world.
Tom Gorman, director of production for the 2000 DNC, said Swifty will act as a virtual “host” on the convention’s Internet site,, entertain delegates on the floor between events on Staple Center video screens and assist with the daily roll call. He will also be a major player on Democratic Convention Network, which will distribute closed-circuit TV programming throughout the convention site, to area hotels, as well as to 5 million homes in and around Los Angles.
“Swifty has a big job ahead of him,” Gorman said. “We plan to keep him very busy.”
“It’s a nice coup for us,” said Rand Cabus, Giant’s director of marketing. “Dana Voorhees, our independent rep in [Washington,] D.C., knew contacts in the DNC, and knew they wanted to update their image and their look.”