GGC&Y Winging It For State Fund

Workers’ Comp. Insurance Provider Is Portrayed As Heaven-Sent
SAN FRANCISCO–Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young’s new campaign for the State Compensation Insurance Fund calls upon guardian angels to communicate the benefits of the company’s coverage.
The estimated $3-5 million effort broke earlier this month with TV, radio and print executions. It continues the workers’ compensation insurance provider’s existing tagline, “Get more. Worry less,” and is appearing throughout California, except in San Diego, where State Fund does not have a presence.
“The message is very simple,” said Jill Byron, account supervisor at the San Francisco agency. “State Fund protects employees at work, and is very prevention-minded.
“But what happens to a person outside of the workplace when human nature takes over is in the hands of someone else.”
Three 30-second TV spots show disgruntled guardian angels fretting over the difficulties of keeping mortals–many of whom, it is suggested, could use a lesson or two in common sense–out of harm’s way.
One spot features a classroom filled with white-winged would-be Gabriels, all clad in khaki uniforms and matching hats. The instructor, a drill sergeant-type character, outlines for his pupils the kind of dangerous situations people put themselves in every day. Among the visuals he uses to prove his point is footage of a man using a wooden spoon to shove food down a garbage disposal while it’s running.
Newspaper ads continue the theme, using real testimonials from people who claim they have come back from near-death experiences with the help of a guardian angel. The stories come from the book Angel Encounters by Karen Goldman. Text in the ads reads, “Some protection is indeed better than others. We think ours is pretty good, too.”
GGC&Y principal John Coll was the creative director on the campaign, and Robert Solis the art director.
Previous work for the client showed people enjoying their hobbies, such as flying an airplane, instead of worrying about insurance.