GGC&Y Promotes Arts Center

Campaign Positions Zeum as a Destination
SAN FRANCISCO–Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young has launched a TV and outdoor campaign in the Bay Area to promote the opening of Zeum, a new visual, media and performing arts center designed for young people. Billings are under $1 million.
“The campaign is really meant to intrigue teenagers and make them see Zeum as a destination place,” said agency account supervisor Jill Byron.
A group of 10- and 30-second TV spots for Zeum use grainy, 1950s-style film footage backed by cheery instrumental music representative of the era.
One spot features a chef making a triple-decker bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. As he slaps some mayonnaise on a piece of bread, the voiceover asks, “When was the last time you did something artistic?” It continues, “Come to Zeum, and you’ll use the latest tools to create the art of the future–because for some, art has actually evolved.”
Outdoor ads use primary colors and associate various objects of technology with the world of art: A computer mouse is referred to as a paintbrush, while a video camera becomes a sketchbook.
–Jane Irene Kelly